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Rev. Art Crider and Wife Mindy Crider
   Hello everyone, I'm Rev. Crider, my wife and I have started an Evangelistic outreach ministry called, "Critter Ministries." This is a calling that has been placed on both of our hearts, from the Lord and we are stepping out in Faith along with our family to make this ministry, with God's help and the Holy Spirit's guidance, a reality.
  With the name Crider, first meeting me would invariably be mispronounced as Critter. I always found this humorous, so one day, out of curiosity I looked the name Critter up in the dictionary, "Any Creature." This was an interesting fact that soon left my mind, until one day I was studying the scriptures, I read something that was synonymous for the name critter, 2 Cor. 5:17 (KJV). It was God's reference to His creatures in Christ. So, Critter Ministries was born. 
  Critter Ministries is about hope, prayer, standing on the promises of God's scriptures with unwavering faith, establishing a relationship with Christ and showing Christ's love by helping those in need, and leading the lost and oppressed to freedom and eternal life thru our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to know that it doesn’t matter to God what your situation has been, what your background is, or how good you may be or been, He doesn't care about your past, just your future. He cares about now, and tomorrow, once you have found new life thru Christ. And, never be ashamed of what you were before Christ, this could be a great help to others as well as a great testimony that glorifies Christ and our heavenly Father.
  Ps. 72:12 says, "He will rescue the the oppressed...." This is in essence our "Mission Statement"---"We are to help God's children, believers and non-believers alike, in need, thru active service on our part. Sharing the gospel, and the good news of Salvation thru Jesus Christ, our redeemer, along the way."
  Our "goal," is to act as a stepping stone as we actively help those with various needs; helping them get one step closer to their goal of freedom from their situation whether it be great or small. The elderly, single moms and dads and married couples trying to raise a family in these difficult times. Those who do not have the resources to buy groceries or replace tattered clothing, or cannot afford to pay a professional to repair their home or vehicle. To help the homeless, find a home and job, if able to work, so they can be free to start living again in the comforts of home. Helping someone find the help needed to become free of their addiction that has them bound to its' control, because they choose to take the first step in removing this affliction from their life.
  Our motto is simply this, "As God gives to us in one hand, we will pass it to those in need with the other."
  We are a God led non-profit, Non-Denominational organization affiliated with World Bible Way Fellowship.  
  My wife and I have, and will continue to take 10% of our income to support this ministry for the sole purpose of God's work. Any financial support that you can provide will be blessed in Heaven (and is tax deductable), and will be put to good use. In turn, we will send you a receipt and an annual receipt for tax time, as well as, a quarterly statement and updates, so you can see how yours and other donations and contributions are used and what blessings were derived from your one time gift or monthly support.
     Please send address for receipt and reports along with check or money orders to: Critter Ministries at P.O. Box 22 Albert Ks. 67511.  Or use the donate button to the right or on any of the other pages to donate to this ministry using Pay Pal.  We ask you to actively pray for guidance on this matter and to follow whatever direction the Lord places on your heart. Blessings in Christ.. The Crider Family 

Committed to helping people achieve their dreams
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